about me

Oh, hey. I’m Ashley.

Welcome to my website, y’all!

In the past several years, the hubs and I have been on some epic vacations. (When I say epic, I mean EPIC.) One was planned for us, but the others I planned myself, from start to finish. I’ve made some mistakes, I’ve learned some things along the way, and boy, have I had FUN.

For any wanderlust soulmates out there looking for adventure and wanting to (eep!) try planning it yourself, I’m going to share some tips and how-tos to make planning a little bit easier for you, along with suggestions of MUST-DOs in each place we’ve gone. If you’re not so much into the research like this nerd, I’ve probably done it already and I’m ready to impart my wisdom!

Here’s to life, learning, loving, and adventuring!

xo, Ashley